Day 1  April 8th, 2014
Session One
International Cooperation & Future Trend
Session Two
Regulatory Policies Review & Novel Vaccine Development

Day 2 April 9th, 2014
Session Three
Upstream &DownStream Process Technologies & Manufacturing Excellence
Session Four
GMP, Quality Management & Oversea Market Entry

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VacChina 2014

The 4th Annual Vaccine Development Summit


The frequent outbreaks of Pandemics in recent years let people acknowledged the importance of immunization. Vaccine has become the most significant and effective tool to prevent diseases and save millions of lives each year. The global vaccine coverage has never become so wide, especially in the developing countries, as today. It is predicted that the global vaccine market will reach 35 billion USD in 2014 and keep an annual growth of over 10% in the following years.

China, the largest developing country, is also the largest vaccine consumption market with an annual vaccination number of 1 billion. With the expansion of NIP and growing public awareness of immunization, the China vaccine industry has kept a high annual growth of 15%-18% in the past years, and will reach 3 billion USD in 2013. Meanwhile, China also has the world¡¯s longest list of vaccine manufacturers to meet the domestic needs. They are also actively looking for regional partners to expand international markets and bring Chinese vaccine to more people in need., CNBG has got WHO PQ approval for its JE vaccine, as a result of partnership with PATH. This will be a milestone for the globalization of Chinese vaccine in the future.

Despite of the fast growing industry background and market needs, vaccine companies in developing countries like China are still faced many challenges such as:
How to reach the new GMP standard?
How to optimize the Drug evaluation system to shorten the time from clinic to market
QA/QC Problems in manufacturing and distribution,
License in r&d and manufacturing technologies,
Strengthen innovation capability and scale-up technology;
Regulatory system for adult vaccine,
Oversea registration

About VacChina 2014:

VacChina 2014, the largest vaccine summit in 2014, will gather more than two dozens of international top experts to show a clear map of what¡¯s happening in this region and best practices for all questions in your mind. It is also a great opportunity for you to meet with industry leaders, academia and government officials, establish regional partnership on r&d, manufacturing, registration, market entry and other important aspects.
Previous speaker:
Alain Bouckenooghe
Associate VP and Regional Head,of Clinical R&D and
Medical Affairs, Sanofi Pasteur Asia Pacific
Allan Saul
Novartis Vaccine Institute for Global Health
Cindy Shen
GMP Inspector£¬Center for Certification & Evaluation,
Shanghai FDA
In Jae Lee
Managing Director of Vaccine Production & Site Manager of HS
Green Cross Corp. (Korea)
Jean-Denis Shu,
Medical Director,
Sanofi Pasteur China
Julie B Milstien
PhD, Adj Prof, University of Maryland School of Medicine,
Baltimore, MD USA
Mahendra Suhardono,
Production Director of PT Bio Farma,
President of DCVMN
Martin Reers
Head of Technical Operation,
Vaccines, Biological E
Quanming Zou,
Third Military Medical University
Ralf Altmeyer,
Dierctor General,
Institute Pasteur of Shanghai
Sharon Chan,
Head of China,
Steven Gao,
Xiamen Innovax
Xia Jin,
Executive Director of Vaccine Center,
Institute Pasteur of Shanghai
Yonglin Wu,
Vice President,
China National Biotech Group
Xuefeng Yu,
Tianjin CanSino Biotechnology
Yuanzhao Du,
Yebio Bioengineering
Ze Chen£¬
Shanghai Institute of Biological Products
Key Issues:
  • International Cooperation models on vaccine development and global market access
  • Updated regulatory policies on vaccine evaluation.
  • Integrating Chinese vaccine into global Market
  • NIP policies, adult Vaccine development and market challenges in China
  • Novel vaccine R&D
  • Advanced technologies and solutions for process development
  • Adjuvant/Formulation technologies
  • Best practice for GMP, QA/QC, WHO Pre qualification Review
Who should attend?
The event will attract an audience from :
  • Pharmaceutical vaccine manufacturers
  • Large / mid cap biotech
  • SME biotech
  • Academia / research institutes
  • Governmental / public health
  • Cell culture companies
  • Research instruments providers
  • Production technology providers
  • Cold chain equipment and management service companies
  • Facility Design and Construction Companies
  • Investors
  • Consultants
  • CROs
Consisting titles of CEOs, CSOs, Vice Presidents, Directors, Medical Directors, Managers and Heads of:
Business Development / Strategic Alliances/Marketing
Research and Development
Clinical Development
Regulatory Affairs
Strategic Product Development
Manufacturing/Production Technology
Quality Assurance/Quality Control
Bio Process Development
Pharmacovigilance and Safety Testing
Supply Outsourcing Project Management
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